The peculiarity of happiness

How often do you find happiness in a cup of tea or coffee, in the melodical line of a song, in a breath of fresh air… in all these at once? How often do you enjoy a sunny sunday morning or just about anything that gives you a recomfortable feeling? I find myself filling with joy over alot of these small things… and i think it’s great and absorb as much as i can.

Do you seek small experiences (that would use just a little of your precious time) that would make you feel better? are you trying anything in the sense of making it happen? our busy and accelerated lives make us forget that there’s no need for big things to make us happy and fill us with positive energy. Small things are just as good, it’s only that you need to remind yourself of the experiences that give you positive energy.

Do that and you’ll be amased of the balance that it can provide in your life. I’ve promised myself to do it more, and since more comes from less, i’m confident that these little joys will call up the big ones 😀


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